Democrats and Republicans has contrary ranks for the of many issues

Democrats and Republicans has contrary ranks for the of many issues

reverse (KON tre ree) adj. step 1. go against; against; dos. contrary in nature, purchase, direction, an such like.; different; step three. posturing on your own in order to consistently disagree; perverse -n. the contrary • • • •

compare (KON trast to possess letter., kun TRAST to have v.) vt. evaluate to observe or suggest the difference; and make a part-by-front side investigations -vi. to display variations when put next -letter. 1. a distinction, particularly a striking you to, ranging from some things; dos. exhibiting a bold differences, inside colour otherwise build, between different parts of a paint, photograph, or videos image • It’s not hard to examine Hal’s easygoing mannerisms with R. • Examine the appearance of an effective 10-karat-yellow gold band to help you a good 14-karat you to definitely, as well as the differences is quickly apparent.

• Glance at an excellent rectangle close to other parallelogram, and you can instantly admit the fresh contrast. • Changing the newest contrast toward a television often ease otherwise harden the latest means things next to one another is actually differentiated. [-ed, -ing] [Synpare]

Lee’s bore-sergeant temperament

lead (kun TRIB yoot) vt. step 1. supply to a familiar financing or cause; dos. to type and provide otherwise sell an item of writing so you can a papers, magazine, or other publication; step three. to furnish otherwise contribute knowledge, facts, options, an such like. • Tap usually leads to cancer-attacking organizations. • James Thurber shared many funny cartoons and you can short tales to various publishers throughout the their lives. • Of several researchers of one’s Manhattan Enterprise contributed the newest info and you will computations you to definitely resulted in Robert Oppenheimer’s becoming the daddy of nuclear bomb. [-d, contributing, contribution letter.]

contrite (kun TRYT) adj. step one. effect sadness; remorse; dos. proving or because of repentance; regretting having done wrong • Kathy was contrite for having drawn Rhoda’s automobile rather than first with received permission. • Bob’s to prevent fulfilling Gary’s sight immediately following having busted their ship is the result of his feeling contrite. [-ly adv., contrition letter.] [Syn. penitent]

controversial (KON truh Ver shee uhl) adj. susceptible to or browsing cause dispute; debatable • The question regarding whether to create another type of vehicle parking garage is actually by far the most questionable topic for the plan. • Controversial topics are the topic of personal discussion and will polarize viewpoints. [-ly adv., debate n.]

controvert (KON truh voert) vt. 1. so you’re able to dispute up against; dispute; deny; contradict; dos. to argue regarding the; debate; speak about • It is becoming all the more tough to controvert the notion one lifestyle could have once lived into the Mars. • Magellan’s trip must have been enough to controvert all of the impression from the earth’s getting flat. [-ed, -ing, -ible adj., -ibly adv.] [Syn. disprove]

conundrum (kuh NUHN drm) n. step 1. an effective riddle in which the respond to contains an excellent pun (use words); 2. people puzzling question otherwise state Good conundrum’s feel #step 1 was illustrated regarding the after the Q & A: Q.

In comparison to popular viewpoint, Calbert can moving very well

That sells watches, and other observe tissue. • Being welcome to three different The newest Year’s Eve events, and not wanting to hurt anyone’s feelings, Olive believed that deciding just how to work was a great conundrum.

convergence* (kuhn VOER jins) letter. step 1. a creeping with her; dos. the point where some thing interact • This new convergence of Donna’s and you may Flo’s music welfare pretty sure her or him that they could allow just like the an excellent duo. • Discover an overlap away from a few courses into one path that occurs at fork. [convergency n., convergent adj.]

conversation (KON ver State shin) letter. 1. this new act otherwise a case off talking along with her; familiar cam; spoken interchange out-of suggestions, views, etc.; 2. a casual talk to your a segmet of prominent appeal by the two governing bodies • Ned and you can Fred had a conversation over java, sharing where to get their motorcycles maintained. • It was customary at the Vanessa’s workplace to talk about preparations on sunday within the liquid-cool conversations. • Agents of Russia and you will The japanese provides discussions once in a while more Russia’s coming back Sakhalin to help you Japan. [-al adj., -ally adv.]

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